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A self-taught illustrator, I consider myself a work-in-progress: insatiably curious, tackling all challenges that come my way, big or small, with humour, a passion for seeing fun imperfections everywhere, and a love for turning it all into art, illustrations, typography, and surface pattern designs.

My work reflects an appreciation for the slightly odd, quirky and whimsical side of life, with designs ranging from realistic coloured pencil pieces to imaginative illustrations, all meant to delight and inspire. I also hand draw colouring pages to provide creative therapy and joy, helping to alleviate some of the daily stresses of life.

I have a Masters in English (literature) from New York University and have lived in Malaysia, USA, Australia, France, and now find myself in the magical countryside of the United Kingdom. Along with other numerous clients and commissions, I’ve had pieces published in HOMME (Malaysia) Magazine, and I was a contributing designer for the Hewlett-Packard TwoSmiles site, now closed. In my quest to live a creative life, I enrolled in - and am now a graduate of - 'The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design', and 'Make Art That Sells' online classes, as well as a 2-year course on art and design at Oxford Brooks University, all brilliant -- inspiring me even further and convincing me that there are no limits to the imagination and that this journey that we’re on is one full of enchantment.

I have published my first colouring book, Quirky Botanicals and Friends (available on Amazon USA and UK), and am working on the next one. It’s a busy life, but yes, I love what I do. So please get comfortable, make yourself a nice hot cup of something full of pleasure, and take a virtual stroll through my blogs to share in my joy for life and art.