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Reinventing Life and Art

Reinventing Life and Art

24 May 2018

Welcome to my new site! Everything is still in-progress so please do bear with me while I get it together as I'm planning to incorporate all of my disparate and fragmented sites into one coherent whole.

I've been going through a bit of a messy phase in my life lately, culminating in the deaths (from old-age related illnesses) of Bella and her sister Bertha, my wonderful four-legged companions who shared magical adventures with me over the past 13+ years. Life has been going through massive changes the last few years and I've had to take a bit of a creative break, to just sit back, take a deep breath, reassess and contemplate. And plan for new beginnings.

There have been some unforgettably brilliant, joyous moments as well as several trip-ups along the way ... and I'm pleased to say that I embraced the challenges that faced me, acknowledging them and letting them slip slowly away. Ups and downs. That's life, and it's full of magic, and laughter, and I love where I am right now.


These last few weeks I learned that the world won't crumble away if I pause to just 'be' for a bit. I'm painting regularly whenever possible, and find that the art is setting me free, while my new addiction, bullet journaling, is grounding me and allowing me to plan for a rather-vague-at-the-moment future. I'm on a new journey, still full of the adventure of self-discovery, learning to live a genuine life of substance. Allowing life to take me in new and exciting directions.

I'm in the planning stages of something quite new and different, moving into a landscape that is full of ideas and thoughts and smells and images that resonate with my soul. Art, as always, plays a foundational role -- it remains my passion and my motivation. But it's a part of a whole, of living a creative life filled with purpose, appreciation, humour and joy. And magic -- let's not forget that it's all around us.

I'll be soon be creating and offering new free stuff: printables, colouring pages, prints, to subscribers of an all-new monthly newsletter, and I hope that meanwhile you will pop by every once in a while, to explore and live a simply imperfect creative life, to share this journey with me.


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