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Leaves and Blobs

Leaves and Blobs

27 May 2018

I seem to have acquired a slight addiction to leafy and blobby shapes recently. I'm not exactly sure why -- they emerged as part of my ongoing process to allow my paintbrush to lead the way when I pick it up in the mornings.


It's all part of new beginnings and fresh starts. I wanted to get away from the more commercial aspects that were beginning to drive my art ... and made it quite boring and mundane really. The last few months saw me experiencing a huge creative block which, as I look back, wasn't too surprising. So this is me now: taking that deep breath and sitting quietly, allowing things to emerge from the depths and just spill out onto the page. It's not easy ... I've been living such a scratchily superficial life that breaking the barriers to dive down is very like standing by the side of a pool filled with freezing waters. I've at least stuck my toe in!


Eventually I'll dip further in, but for the moment I'm enjoying just breathing and taking things slow and easy. Please do leave a comment and tell me what you think. Have you gone through blocks that have forced you to walk through a new doorway, experience new beginnings and fresh starts?


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