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Blobby Flower Doodles

Blobby Flower Doodles

25 September 2018

by Mariana


Yes, more doodles! This time resembling something vaguely more floral and flowery … well, I think so at any rate. Someone asked me why I call these paintings in my sketchbook ‘doodles’ — I guess it’s because it takes the pressure off if I consider it just doodling and playing rather than attempting something more ‘serious’; it keeps the perfectionist editor within me at bay and allows me to, well, just have fun.


All I need to do is sit before the blank page, pick up the brush and soak it into whichever colour I wish, then just plop it down on the paper. As my intention is to just explore and experiment until I figure out where I’m going with all of this, it always works … and it’s always satisfying as long as I have no expectations … somewhat the way my life is at the moment!


I’m still working on Christmas products and doodles as well (though Halloween and autumn themes insist on creeping in too) so I’ll be posting more of those soon … especially as things seemed to have calmed down around me after the summer chaos, and I can finally get back to my work and art and realise how much I truly enjoy it all. As usual, you’ll find, just below this, a list of supplies that I used. Cheers.


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  • Pink Pig A4 Eco Bockingford Watercolour Book - Black: UK 

  • SCHMINCKE AKADEMIE® Aquarell watercolours: UK and USA

  • Escoda Joseph Zbukvic Mod. 8605 brushes: UK and USA