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Daily Art Continues

6 November 2018

Daily Art Continues


After a few days break from art in order to tend to the business and to real life (laundry doesn’t do itself, I discovered), I’m back. Completing the month of daily drawings for Inktober has motivated me, so I’m continuing with art every day — well, as much as possible anyway. I won’t get upset with myself if I miss a day or two here and there, especially at this point of the year when we’re at our busiest, but I find that picking up the brush every morning and facing a blank page is a wonderful exercise in experimentation, exploration, keeps the imagination fine-tuned, and keeps me going with the creative flow!

Pink Pig Sketchbooks were kind enough to send me the same 10 x 10 sketchbook that I used for my Inktober drawings, so I’ll be using that for my daily art … I love their sketchbooks and have been using them for a few years now so am hugely pleased and appreciative … though I’ll have to confess that I’d already purchased a few of their A4 sizes. I now have enough to keep me well and truly creative for a few months!


As I always have a problem deciding what to draw, I’m using prompts from either Sketchbook Skool, or the Daily Creating Group, on facebook. Once in a while I use both prompts together, such as here: Spiralling, and Wind Instrument (also National Saxophone Day!). I’m not sure how or when the cat and giraffe entered the scene but they seem quite content listening to the spiralling music, and I had no choice but to leave them in.

Here’s the page in my bullet journal created specifically to remind me of the daily prompts:


Just realised that I haven’t uploaded the last week and a half of Inktober! They’ll be up within the next few days … Meanwhile, if you’d like to follow my progress daily, I’ll be posting on Instagram and would love to see you there especially if you’re following along with either of the groups above. Cheers.

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  • SCHMINCKE AKADEMIE® Aquarell watercolours: UK and USA

  • Pink Pig 8x8 Watercolour Book - Ebony: UK

  • Escoda Joseph Zbukvic Mod. 8605 brushes: UK and USA