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Daily Art: Days 2 - 13

21 November 2018

Daily Art: Days 2 - 13

by Mariana


I’m hugely pleased that I managed to continue with painting daily for two weeks, especially after having completed 31 days of Inktober … it’s a committment to myself and my creative soul that is huge and magical and fills me with pleasure.


It’s a joyful morning challenge/ritual now ... coffee in one hand and paintbrushes at the ready, I face a completely blank page and look up prompts to see what might inspire or tickle my imagination. Not all results are satisfying but every single one brings contentment just from the achievement of dabbing paint onto the sheet and experimenting, exploring …


As far as style is concerned I’m all over the place (obviously!), but I’m hoping to resolve that by just allowing things to emerge in their own time. In fact I’m already seeing small threads that seem to connect the pieces, so perhaps I’m getting somewhere. But I’m not pushing it, just going with that flow and keeping at it.

Prompts are from either Sketchbook Skool or the #dailycreating group, or both sometimes. I post daily over on Instagram (@floatinglemonsart) so please do follow me there and share your own art as I’d love to see it. Cheers.

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