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A Disarray of Doodles

A Disarray of Doodles

16 September 2018


Yes, I really have been painting daily as much as possible, either just getting the sketchbook and brushes out or drawing in my bullet journal — enjoying being creative in some way at some point in the day, usually in the mornings when the light is right and my mind is still in a floaty not-quite-awake-yet mode. I just haven’t had the time to post them here!


So here are, finally, just a few of the doodles I’ve painted sometime in the past month or so … all a bit odd or quirky or just plain weird, which is the way I like things right now.


Not quite sure of where any of this is coming from … leaves, trees, birds, and … an elephant?!


If what is emerging on to the blank page is a commentary on the state of my mind, I love where my mind is at. I’ve given myself the permission to explore, and it’s allowed me a freedom that is leading to magical adventures. I’m also learning to take myself far less seriously … and just immerse myself in play. It’s all slightly chaotic and I love it. Cheers.


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