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Festive Christmas Flower Doodles

5 December 2018

Festive Christmas Flower Doodles

by Mariana

Festive Christmas Flower Doodles 1 : Floating Lemons Art

Festive Christmas Flower Doodles 1 : Floating Lemons Art

Yes it’s that time of the year again and Christmas is just around the corner so we’re busy busy busy. No time for daily art, sadly, so I’ve had to put it on hold and am posting some festive doodles that were painted a couple of months ago and have been lingering in my Pink Pig sketchbook, just waiting for the right time to appear.


They look quite Christmassy, don’t they? All bright and cheerful … perhaps next year I’ll have the time to turn a couple of them into cards. I’ve actually managed to place one onto lovely gifts up at Red Bubble … here’s one of them, below, on a big square scarf!

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I’ll post the rest of the collections up at my Gifts blog soon. Meanwhile, there’s tons of planning and work being done so that we have the business lovely and organised (that’s the idea at any rate) for the new year! Cheers.


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