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The Final Weeks of Inktober Drawings

11 November 2018

The Final Weeks of Inktober Drawings


A bit late with posting these, I know … but have had so much on my plate that I clean forgot about them once October/Inktober was over with! Here they are, in reverse order. I’ll allow them to speak for themselves …


I loved the challenge of painting daily. The only thing I kept in mind was to just loosen up and allow the paint (or inks in this case) to dictate the magic and pick what was to appear on the blank page. Going with the flow, yes, but the point was to be free and by doing so, and placing my thinking cap aside, to perhaps find the art path that I felt most comfortable with and that would point out some style waiting to emerge.

I’ve been at a bit of a crossroads with everything in life and find that the variety and differences in what I paint are a reflection of what’s going on around me. Without pushing or forcing anything, I am exploring and experimenting, in my life and business as well as in my creative output (or is it all part of the creative process?) and seeing the mist ahead of me slowly clear away as I step forward tentatively, finding my path ahead bit by bit. I am really enjoying the learning curve, pitholes, bumps and all! Curious to see where it will eventually lead me … Cheers.