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Watercolour: Teacup Fish

Watercolour: Teacup Fish

7 August 2018


Digging through my sketchbook for sketches that I haven't yet posted. This was painted last month for Archer and Olive's #AOpaintingparty. I like working within the boundary of a set theme sometimes -- it gets those creative juices working away and, again, I'm pleasantly surprised by the results. Below are a couple of in-process photographs I remembered to take while I was painting:


As I prefer being honest about my mistakes here (ouch), I'll admit that above was actually my second attempt at drawing what I'd visualised ... the first wasn't bad, but it needed a fresh start, a change, a bit of a polish and shine! Anyway, here's that first attempt:


I ended up liking both the before and the after. The roughness of the first is refreshing, innocent and quite sweet, almost a getting-to-know-you introduction to the second cleaner, more polished one. By the time I started on that second one I had a far better idea of what I wanted ... yes, quite unusual for me lately! I find them both delightful ... perhaps because I felt such joy painting them. It's all a learning process and I do love that. Cheers.


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