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Black Chrysanthemums and Red Hot Chillies on Organic Tops

1 October 2019

Black Chrysanthemums and Red Hot Chillies on Organic Tops

Original designs on two brand new 100% organic cotton tops now available only from Mariana Black Designs at DocCotton!

As the original Chrysanthemum Crowd turtleneck is turning out to be my best-seller over at DocCotton (click HERE to see it), I naturally felt it was time to place the black version on a turtleneck as well … makes sense, right? And as I normally wear black clothing (I call it a lazy person’s colour, easy to match and perfect for wearing from day into night ) … well. Here it is and yes, I love it!

As we’re on the subject of lovely organic cotton tops, here’s a bit of added colour to brighten up your day with the new Hot and Spicy Chillies long-sleeved top which is, yes, meant to be for men — but it was so much fun to wear that we’ve pretty much kidnapped it for ourselves!

I’m hard at work creating patterns and collections to place on more of the lovely clothing over at DocCotton, so please do stop by and visit :

Mariana Black Designs at DocCotton

Don’t forget to browse the clothing from their other hugely talented artists too, as their designs are gorgeous, and by buying ethical and sustainable clothing you’re not only adding to the less-disposable #keeperculture lifestyle, you’re also doing that small yet essential bit to help change the world! Enjoy your day.

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