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Chrysanthemum Crowd Organic Turtle Neck and Skirt

7 September 2019

Chrysanthemum Crowd Organic Turtle Neck and Skirt

It’s quite magical seeing my designs on beautiful 100% organic cotton clothing in our collaboration with DocCotton. One of those special dreams come true … we’ve worked so hard this past year on reinventing and restructuring that I’ve barely had time to take it all in, the fact that things are finally falling into place and all those visualisations are being made manifest … with the help of an extra large pinch of hard work and determination! Here are a couple of the simple pleasures that are a result of all that toil:

I’m actuallly wearing the turtle neck right now as I type this, and will probably wear it constantly till it disintegrates, that’s how much I love it. It’s handmade, of 100% organic jersey cotton, and digitally printed for minimal environmental impact and improved colour fastness. Best of all, I love the fabric and wearing it makes me feel good.

Then there’s the matching skirt. I’m hugely fussy about skirts so I don’t have very many despite the fact that I love wearing them. So I’m truly happy to say that I love everything about this one: the fit, the fabric, just the feel of it. Oh, and it matches the turtle neck as it’s the same pattern, in black …

The skirts are handmade, from 100% Organic Cotton Drill, have two waist pockets and a zip at the rear, and are also digitally printed for minimal environmental impact and improved colour fastness. What’s there not to love? In fact, we’re so happy with our collaboration and the samples we’ve received so far that I’m in the middle of designing a pattern collection specially with their range of clothing in mind.

To see more of my designs on clothing up the site so far, click HERE and to read our blogpost about the new directions we’re taking for the future of the business and our separate lives, click HERE.

Do yourself a favour and have a browse at the DocCotton store, as they have a wide range of talented designers and beautiful clothes for you to choose from, all 100% organic … click HERE to head over to their site. There are tops, t-shirts, dresses, skirts, etc, for the whole family to love, so join us in discarding a disposable mentality and adopt a slow, consciously aware, eco-friendly and sustainable fashion lifestyle — get yourself a few pieces to truly treasure. Enjoy.