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Conscious Living with Paperchase

22 January 2019

Conscious Living with Paperchase

by Marina

We’re really pleased to discover that Paperchase has started a Conscious Living Collection. An all time favourite of ours for many years (over 40!), Paperchase has been our go-to for stationary supplies and more. Now (after I blog this) we can order the book that will help us turn leftovers into scrumptious meals with a little imagination and effort. The collection has lots of cleverly recycled, natural and/or organic stuff to get our #keeperculture started - buying things that we can treasure for a long time as opposed to disposable throwaway stuff.

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These water bottles are slim and lightweight, perfect for popping into cases or bags, while on the go.

Don’t you think the recycled leather goods look pretty smart? As do their planners and clipboards!

This really inspires us to live more consciously. It encourages us to cultivate a #keeperculture mentality in our own lives. Get yourselves something nice from this collection to motivate them to expand their range of conscious living gifts. We’re certainly going to. Thank you Paperchase!