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Cute Alpaca Wearing a Vest Illustration on Eco-Friendly Gifts

28 September 2019

Cute Alpaca Wearing a Vest Illustration on Eco-Friendly Gifts

I’m hugely fond of my sweet little alpaca … drawing him was so much fun, and he insisted on having a vest and boots, so I complied, with pleasure. It seemed the most natural thing to do therefore, to place him on lovely organic and sustainable products. Suits him down to the ground and he’s helping in his little way to change the world!

He’s now on an organic t-shirt for women (one for kids will be coming soon too!) and an organic tote bag to help you with your recycling, above. And below, he fits in beautifully with your home wall decor on eco-friendly posters ranging from A3 to A1 in size, as well as on greeting cards to match any of these if you’re thinking of giving them as gifts for your loved ones.

And lastly, but deifinitely not least, he’s on a little enamel mug, perfect to cheer you up as you sip your morning coffee or tea.

To have a look at any of the lovely alpaca products above, just click on any of the images or the captions below them. Or if you’d like to see the whole range of eco-friendly and organic gifts available, head over to the store to get something special for friends, family, or yourself:

Mariana Black Designs

and let me know what you think. I’ll be adding designs on a regular basis so pop by frequently and have fun browsing!