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Grey Watercolour Stripes on Simply Beautiful Gifts for your Home and Lifestyle

18 June 2019

Grey Watercolour Stripes on Simply Beautiful Gifts for your Home and Lifestyle

by Mariana

I love stripes … and dots and spots of any kind as well, but stripes are my go-to design and I invariably include at least one stripe pattern with most of my surface pattern design collections. They’re neutral and unimposing but when done well can add that extra touch to a room or clothing or pretty much anything you can think of.

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Which is, of course, what I ended up doing … painting watercolour stripes in pale grey and then placing it on pretty much everything I could think of … well, everything that was available at my Society6 online shop! I ended up wanting everything for myself, that isn’t too greedy surely? I love grey, I love stripes, I love the way it looks on all of their lovely products. No brainer.

But of course I can’t have them all, so I’ve done the next best thing which is to pick a few of my favourites and pop them up here to share with anyone else who might have a fondness for simple but sweet greys and beautifully imperfect lines. But let me stand aside now and allow them to speak for themselves …

Don’t they look great on all of the above? I like the fact that I’m beginning to love the way my designs and illustrations look on beautiful things for the home, for work, to wear … it makes me hope that perhaps I’m finally evolving, finally learning something, and it’s a pleasure to say that I feel joy at creating not just the illustrations but the products as well. They’d make lovely gifts for anyone, don’t you think?

Head over to my Society6 online shop if you’d like a look at what I have up there so far:

Floating Lemons Art at Society6

Enjoy. Cheers.