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An Illustrated Polar Bear (and little Penguin) Christmas

7 October 2018

An Illustrated Polar Bear (and little Penguin) Christmas

by Mariana


I drew this polar bear and penguin a few years back, then cleaned them up digitally and placed them on loads of lovely products and gifts for Christmas … but, though they were a bit of a favourite, I’ve allowed them to languish away for far too long. Perhaps it’s why the penguin is now looking decidely unappreciated? We’ve decided that it was time to dust the snow off their shoulders and show them off so that they can be truly loved at parties and festive occasions this year!

Just click on any of the images or links below if you’d like to visit them over at the online store, or click here if you’d like to jump ahead and view the whole range of lovely matching products: Christmas Polar Bear Party Pack


Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase via clicking on them, we receive a small portion to help with the running costs of the website, at absolutely no cost to you. We only link to supplies or products that we truly love or want for ourselves, so thank you very much if you decide to support us.

They are now on three different backgrounds, and just about every product available for a themed polar bear party! Above are a couple of the fully customizable invitations (replace all that text with anything of your own) in blue and snow versions, and below are the matching blue and snow gift tag stickers and under those are the gift tags in the white version:

We had to, of course, include some cute t-shirts! They’re available in all sizes, but below is the one for toddlers, along with a snow version party hat for all ages:

Can’t have a kid-friendly X’mas do without safe paper plates, tearaway placemats, paper cups, and loads of paper napkins, right?

And what about themed, matching, co-ordinated sweet treats?! I’ll have to admit that these have me quite excited and if I could I’d be holding get-togethers just for the excuse of ordering tons of them … we have the Polar Bear Christmas blue Dipped Oreo® Cookies, Polar Bear Christmas blue Square Brownies, Polar Bear Christmas blue Cake Pops, and finally Polar Bear Christmas snow Edible Frosting Sheets that you can add to your own confectionery creations:

Don’t they just look (almost) too good to eat? We also have some delicious hot chocolate drink mix and a box of 45 chocolates to munch at while you sip … well, it’s Christmas, we’re allowed a polar-bear-sized sugar overload, aren’t we?

Finally, to wrap things up (ouch, sorry) we have rolls (varying sizes) of Polar Bear Christmas blue Wrapping Paper … and even penguin has it’s own snow Pattern Wrapping Paper to show off on!

Sorry, I know I’ve allowed myself to get a bit carried away with all the products on this one post, but couldn’t help it, I love them — as well as all the rest of the party-themed Polar Bear (and penguin!) party goods. If you’d like to see the whole coordinating pack, just click HERE. Everything is customizable, so you can add names or your own text, and of course it can all be bought individually and, even better, if you buy in bulk there are discounts available as well.

Let’s hope penguin feeels just a bit less grouchy now that he’s been given a fair bit of attention. And we hope we’ve cheered you up and that, if you’re one of those super-organised people we envy, you decide to start planning now by having a look at our Polar Bear Christmas Party Pack! Cheers.