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Ink Protea Illustrated Gifts for the Independent Individual

16 February 2019

Ink Protea Illustrated Gifts for the Independent Individual

by Mariana

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In October 2018 I painted a Protea in ink, for the class with Lisa Congdon over at Creative Bug: Inktober Daily Challenge: 31 Days of Drawing and Painting with Ink. It’s one of the few sketches I did that I liked so much I had to place it onto some of my favourite products for the home (I just love the way it looks on the cushions above), on clothing, and of course a lot more … it perfectly suits the personality of an independent, creative person — self-confident, with a quirky, twist of humour in his or her life.

So that’s exactly what I’ve done, placing it onto beautiful gifts I’d love to get my own hands on. It looks pretty amazing on this gorgeous scarf, a wonderful introduction to the change of seasons as its subtle wash of colour represents leaving the greyer hues of winter behind, as rosier, cherrier tones begin to emerge around us.

A couple of examples of the design on clothing … and there’s far more: basic t-shirts, dresses, a pencil skirt — just click on any of the images, scroll down the page and you’ll find tons more potential gifts to salivate over! Just take a look at the matching tote bag and pouches below, don’t you just want to have them? I do!

The mug goes with the journal so well … have the morning coffee in one while writing out your plans for the day (and life!) in the other. Work out what you need to transform this coming spring as you wake from the hibernation of winter.

Finally, above are the cases and skins for a whole hoard of mobile phone and laptop types, brands and sizes. All carefully designed with an original watercolour ink painting that’s exclusive to Floating Lemons and sold (at the moment!) only on our stores online. We have major plans and changes coming up this year, but for now grab one of these and show it off along with your confidence and laughter as you walk joyfully into warmer weather (or alternatively, into cooler if you’re on the other side of the world!), enjoying the change of seasons with humour and good energy.

View the whole Ink Protea collection by clicking HERE, and enjoy browsing … Cheers!