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Merry Christmas Sweet Treats

Merry Christmas Sweet Treats

12 September 2018

Thought we’d tempt you with these delicious brownies that taste as good as they look. What’s more, they’re perfect for your Christmas party, particularly for the likes of us who cook but can’t bake anything vaguely edible. Either shape will look fabulous on the cake stand:

And for the clever bakers amongst you, there are sheets of edible frosting available for you to top off your own home baked treats.

Below, we have the delectable shortbread cookies “baked fresh to order with all natural, quality ingredients and coated with delicious royal icing.” The Jumbo shortbread version 11.25" x 8.75" on the right, is “guaranteed to satisfy massive sweet cravings”.

Just above on the left, a box of chocolates will make a perfect gift for someone special and beside it on the right is the scrumptious sugar cookie, glazed in white chocolate flavored icing. Yum!

To complete your table setting, we have a whole range of lovely, matching plates, cups, napkins and a whole lot more … take a look HERE.